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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

God is truly everywhere.
British Virgin Islands Boat ride - NO FILTER!

Hi. If you don't know me and you just happened to stumble across this blog, my name is Andye, (sounds like "Andy" but spelled like my great-grandma wanted it to be spelled) and I already appreciate you. If I DO know you and you decided to come and see what this is all about, I appreciate you even more than I did before.

I have been traveling and teaching dance internationally since 2009, and it has taken me to 39 places around the world. 39 - that number still seems strange to me. There are so many blessings & lessons within being able to pursue a number of my passions simultaneously; teaching, dancing, traveling, eating :) There are so many things I have seen and learned along the way and I can't wait to share all of that with you.

I've met some of the most beautiful people on the planet, fallen in love (and out), met some of my best friends, devoured some of the best food, and tasted some of the BEST wine...the wine might be my favorite part. From the Dead Sea in Israel, to the Eiffel Tower in France, to some of the most beautiful and hidden alley-ways in Venice; I want to share it all. I've been to 3 different countries within 24 hours (Slovenia, Italy, and Spain - I'll talk about that in another post). I've touched the Sydney opera house...yep, actually touched it. I've gotten the best lap dance of my life in Berlin. I've performed my choreography at night on the beach in Peru. My travels still sometimes seem unreal even to me.

P.S. yes, you DEFINITELY float without effort. And yes, that shit hurts like HELL if it gets in your eye!
Israel: Dead Sea - gotta be cute no matter where I am

It doesn't escape me that I also happen to be not only black but also a black WOMAN traveling the world in this day in age. I have definitely had some not-so-nice experiences due to these facts, but it has taught me some important lessons about perseverance & self-worth. I wouldn't change a thing. Stick around to find out more about all of my experiences. I promise you won't be bored!


Up next: ARGENTINA (I was on an airplane from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires when we found out Trump "won" the election in 2016. Crazy.)

Much love & happiness your way,

Andye J


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