First things first - I flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 8, 2016. Does that date ring a bell??? NOVEMBER 8, 2016 - the date of the election between Hillary and Trump. We all know what happened so I don't need to get into details, as we are all still living that nightmare. I found out ON THE AIRPLANE. All of a sudden I started hearing a mix of cheers (mostly from the few white businessmen sitting a few rows up), gasps, and obscenities, and I instantly knew. I clicked into the wifi to check my phone and there was the confirmation. He had "won" the United States Presidential election. A few seconds later, Cam (Cameron Lee: my dear friend who was also teaching and traveling with me), and I just stared into space in utter disbelief. It took a moment to really set in, but all I could do was cry. That was not a fun plane ride and we have been living in a nightmare ever since.

Enough of the bad news: Here's some good stuff. Argentina was so beautiful. It was my first (and so far only time being there) and I was absolutely looking forward to it. On the lineup was my dear friend Cam (as I mentioned earlier) and Neil Schwartz (the sweetest person on the planet). We were joined by the amazingly talented Camillo once we arrived. Our organizer was Caro Amaya, and she was so caring and just great all around. Classes were sold out before we even landed and the students were so excited that we were there. They worked so hard and I remember just having the best time teaching. The students make you feel appreciated, loved, and grateful to be apart of their journey. I really felt connected to them. Neil, Cam, and I performed individually and as a trio on the last night for the "final performance" - we danced to "Party Favors" and lived our best lived. I'm still trying to find footage of that and will definitely share once I can locate it!

Our night time activities were...interesting. I won't go into too much detail but we did our fair share of "sight-seeing" and nighttime wandering. Possibly accidentally stumbled onto a bathhouse, lol. One of the most special moments I remember was a night of convo and bonding with Cam and Neil. Besides classes, I think that was the most important and significant part of the trip. We learned things about each other and shared some special moments just for ourselves. I think that is one of the things I love most about traveling - the ability to bond and be free with others in a completely different environment than you're used to. I have really met some of the most incredible people because of it. I'm sure this will be an ongoing theme within my posts but I'll never get tired of saying it.

I really enjoyed my time in Argentina and I'm hoping I get to go back to do more sight-seeing. We didn't have a lot of time due to classes, but I am still grateful that I was able to add Buenos Aires to my teaching journey.

Pictured above: Me, Cam, and Neil :)


Up next: one of my ALL time favorite places: AUSTRALIA. Oh man, I can't wait...

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